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What is Falconry Journal?

Falconry Journal is a digital replacement for the paper journals that many falconers keep. It makes keeping records of your bird's weight, amounts fed, and kills easy and fun!

Make Accurate Weight Predictions

Falconry Journal will constantly calculate your bird's weight loss per hour and provides you with a calculator to make an accurate prediction of their weight in the future. This means you'll always be ready for the next hunt!

Automatically Geocode Your Kills

Snap a quick picture every time you take down quarry and Falconry Journal will reverse geocode the image location to make season-end reporting easier and more accurate than it has ever been!

Export Your Data

At any time you can export your data to make reporting easier, or just to play with your data in a spreadsheet.

Store Your Paperwork

Falconry Journal lets you safely store your bird acquisition paperwork and any other falconry paperwork that is essential to legal compliance securely in the cloud!

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